Underage Drinking: An Epidemic? (JRNL 010 Final Project)

  ***AUTHOR'S NOTE: Last names and other indicators have been omitted from interviewees and pictures to protect their anonymity*** A Penn State freshman and pledge member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity chapter, Timothy Piazza, died as a result of alcohol induced injuries. His fraternity brothers and fellow students failed him when they waited hours … Continue reading Underage Drinking: An Epidemic? (JRNL 010 Final Project)

Preparing for Finals

Hofstra’s campus is blooming. The library is packed. Blackboard notifications are rolling in. This can only mean one thing: finals week is near. As the end of the semester draws to a close and final exams quickly approach, students across the country prepare for the final metaphorical lap of the year. However, for some students, … Continue reading Preparing for Finals