Growing up in a small town, our community joked that we view the world from our safe little microcosm of Nassau County, “The Bethpage Bubble.” The school district is composed primarily of students from Bethpage and Plainview.

There is little diversity, as the 2010 census reports, approximately 91% of Bethpage is of a “white alone” racial background. The median household income for Plainview is about $127,000. For both towns, there is limited socioeconomic, racial and political diversity. As a result, college students from the area are experiencing culture shocks and gaining new perspectives while away from home (and for most, this is the first time.)

In this podcast, I interview one person who calls Plainview home. Laura Russo describes growing up in a homogenous town. She gives listeners a glimpse at how life in the Bubble has shaped her worldview, and in contrast her experiences bursting the Bubble while traveling abroad and attending University of Delaware.


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