You could have been in Mexico listening to “The Piña Colada Song,” but you opted to return to the land of quality pizza, obnoxious accents and capricious weather. This week, many college students who call LI home are also on spring break. As of Sunday night, the northeast is on “blizzard watch” and anticipates staggering accumulation totals for Tuesday. While 18 inches of snow may not be the ideal spring break, here are some tips on how to make the best of it:

Host an indoor luau. The next best thing to being in the Caribbean is pretending you are in the Caribbean. Do both yourself and your friends a favor by inviting everyone over for a snow day in paradise. Send out invites via email or text, and remind guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, sunglasses and flip flops. Stop by a local party supply store and pick up decorative sand and shells, pool inflatables, tiki decorations and tiny umbrellas for drinks. For guests of the legal age, beverages can include daiquiris, margaritas, piña coladas, mojitos and more. (All of these drinks can be made without alcohol for designated drivers and those under the age.) Throughout the day, set the thermostat on high and play Jimmy Buffett’s greatest hits or recycle a Spotify playlist from summer.

Cozy up with movies. Snow days are the perfect opportunity to rewatch your favorite movies in your fertile pajamas. Some fan favorites include Good Will Hunting, The Incredibles, The Simpson’s Movie, 27 Dresses, The Mighty Ducks and Forrest Gump. If none of those tickle your fancy, try any Marvel, Pixar or Will Ferrell movie.

Go sledding. Even though Long Island’s geography is relatively flat, there are a few sporadic spots that will do the trick. Bethpage State Park, Eisenhower Park, Christopher Morley Park, Heckscher Park and Bald Hill all boast modest hills that are great for sledding. If the plows haven’t come by your street yet, check out local schools and see if the back field will suffice. In Plainview, residents can try Mattlin Middle School. Be advised: you may want to wait until the 40 mph winds die down before you venture out into the tundra formerly known as Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Hold a game night. Break out some good ole board games, bust out the card deck or even dust off the Wii and challenge friends and family to a day of games. If you are competitive and creative, draw up an Olympic-style tournament complete with opening and closing ceremonies and prizes.

Try some new recipes. Use the cold temperature as an excuse to turn on the oven and heat up the house. Bake some brownies or cook a pizza. Have a go at all those recipes your grandma gave you, but you haven’t found the time to try.

Take the opportunity to read. Finally finish up the book that’s overdue at the library and has been sitting on your nightstand. If said book does not exist and you do not want trek your way to the library via dogsled, take a look at the millions of books you can rent or purchase on Amazon and Apple’s websites.

Catch up on backed up work. If you are on spring break, chances are that you took midterms last week. In that case, cease this moment and put a dent in the daunting mountain of summer internship applications.

Spend time with family. You miss them when you’re away, so take the time to tell them that and make some more memories.

Click here (and cross your fingers) for the most recent forecast.


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