Long Island is home to scenic shorelines — one of which is a national park — and picturesque hiking trails. Why wait for warmer weather when you can bundle up today and try any of these winter walks:

Bethpage State Park and Bike Trails

The park is situated in Bethpage and Farmingdale. The trails are a short walk from the parking lot into the woods. There is even an option of a paved road, though it is hillier and intended for bicyclists. If you do choose to venture into the woods and go off-road, you won’t regret it. You may have to remind yourself that  in fact in, you are in the middle of the suburbs alongside the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway and not a national park out West.

Jones Beach Boardwalk

Most people don’t think of the beach as a venue for winter activities, but one step on this boardwalk will change your mind. The two mile walkway runs parallel to the ocean, giving people opportunities for breathtaking views or crashing waves and the sporadic surfer. Walk towards Robert Moses beach, and you will walk alongside deer. Walk towards Town of Oyster Bay beach and if you’re lucky, you may see a seal. Be advised: it gets windy, so pack an extra sweatshirt and hat.

Sands Point Preserve

Located on the rocky North Shore in Port Washington, Sands Point is a lesser known gem mostly frequented by locals. At the top of the hill sits the exquisite Hempstead House, aka the Gould-Guggenheim Estate. Walkers can catch glimpses of weddings and party goers, even photoshoots as the estate can host your event for a lofty fee. Occasionally, Sands Point Conservancy organizes free events for NY residents, including concerts, tours, youth activities and lectures.







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